Thursday, June 26, 2008

Yes, I am a little bit country

Country's come to town this week.

Yesterday was the opening day of Country USA. Five long days of music, food, music and fun. I admit, my music tastes? They're varied. And some country artists are among my favorites. Faith Hill. Shania Twain. Carrie Underwood. Toby Keith. Kenny Chesney.

So when I saw the line up for this year's festival, I was excited to see that Kenny Chesney would be performing. Then we got our work assignments and I'm scheduled to be on the grounds Saturday night, when Brooks & Dunn are playing. Not a bad assignment, but not as cool as if I had been out there Friday night when Kenny takes the stage.

But at the same time, the wheels in my mind are turning. I've already been branded. I have my pass to get in. I don't work Friday night. Maybe I should head out to the grounds, keep my co-worker company. Because being out there alone on a Friday night with all the drunks? It can be a bit frightening. And I'm sure she'd appreciate the company.

I'll have to see what the weather's supposed to be like. Some of the weathermen, who are known for being wrong most of the time, are talking about bad storms, with lots of wind, hail, rain and possibly tornadoes. And as much as I like Kenny Cheseny, I don't want to get blown away.

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teacherwoman said...

Yeah, you should probably keep your coworker company. Plus, speaking from experience, Kenny Chesney puts on a pretty good show... but I might have been a bit intoxicated when I saw him! ha.