Saturday, February 17, 2007

It was time for a bath

I went to visit my parents this afternoon.

And I came home with a completely different car.

OK, maybe not a different car. But it sure looks like it.

See, my car is normally a nice, dark blue color. I like the color. But when winter came, so did the snow and salt and my little Ford Focus went from the deep shiny blue color to almost white due to the elements of winter. It was not pretty. And it was quite messy, especially if you happened to brush against it, which I did many times.

But today, I splurged and went to the car wash, because the Focus needed a bath...badly.

I waited in line, apparently half of the residents in the village of Kimberly also decided their cars needed washing, fed the machine my $8 and drove in for the wash.

I drove into the car wash in a filthy, white-ish colored Focus and exited the wash in a sparkling (well as sparkling as a gas station car wash can do), dark blue Ford Focus.

It's so pretty. And clean.

At least until the next time Old Man Winter decides to grace us with some snow.

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