Monday, February 26, 2007

I avoided being buried to death

After near 50-degree temperatures last week, Mother Nature took the opportunity to remind us that, yes, it is still winter here in Wisconsin. She didn't decide to just make it cold and frigid. Nah. She decided a good snowstorm dumping 14 inches of snow on the City on the Water was the way to remind us that it'll be winter for the next, oh, two months or so.

The snow didn't come all at once. It was spread out over 3 days. And since I live in an apartment complex, I didn't have to worry about busting my back shoveling. That's what the maintenance men my landlord employs are for.

But even though I didn't have to shovel, I was still met with a pretty hefty drift coming off of my garage roof. It was getting pretty large Sunday afternoon (see above), but by the time I woke up and went to leave for work, the edge of the drift was almost touching my head.

As I got into my car, I thought, "Hmmm, my antenna could catch the drift and send it cascading down onto my car and then I'd be buried. With a ton of snow on top of me." But lucky for me, the drift stayed in its place and I left for work.

But when I got home, the drift had come crashing down. And I had to get out my trusty shovel and shovel it away from my garage, because otherwise it would harden into a nasty bump.

And as I shoveled that bit of snow, I thanks my lucky stars for maintenance men. Because, hello, can we say heavy, wet, slushy snow? It wasn't fun.

But apparently Mother Nature's not done with our winter reminder yet, more snow's forecast to come our way later this week.

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