Sunday, September 2, 2007

I've never played football in my life, not even in my dreams

There are all kinds of fantasy sports leagues.

Fantasy baseball. Fantasy auto racing. Fantasy hockey. Fantasy golf. And of course, the grand daddy of them all, fantasy football.

As much as I love sports, I've successfully avoiding becoming a fantasy player. I'd rather just watch the real game and not worry about if my running back is racking up decent yards because, hello, I need those 6 points to win my fantasy match up.

Until this year.

Yes friends, I have joined a fantasy football league.

It's made up of folks from work. And I've been promised there will be no public humiliation. Public ridicule? That's one's still being debated. But at least I won't be humiliated in the pages that I write for. And that's good for me, since I haven't got a clue what I'm supposed to be doing.

Our "draft" was this morning, but I wasn't around. So I let the computer pick my team. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the members of "Crime & Grime."
Quarterbacks - Marc Bulger (St. Louis Rams); Eli Manning (NY Giants)
Wide receivers - Torry Holt (St. Louis Rams); Hines Ward (Pittsburgh Steelers); Joey Galloway (Tampa Bay Buccaneers); D.J. Hackett (Seattle Seahawks); Mushin Muhammad (Chicago Bears); Marty Booker (Miami Dolphins)
Running backs - Joseph Addai (Indianapolis Colts); Maurice Jones-Drew (Jacksonville Jaguars); Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings)
Tight ends - Jeremy Shockey (NY Giants); Owen Daniels (Houston Texans)
Kicker - Robbie Gould (Chicago Bears)
Defense - Miami Dolphins

So we'll see how this goes. I'll keep you posted on how many band of "criminals" does.

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