Friday, September 14, 2007

And tomorrow's the last long one

It was a low key Friday night for me, which is OK since tomorrow should be much more fun.

I'm going to see the Rugrats in the morning and will spend part of the day playing with Rugrat No. 3. Once he goes down for a nap, it's time for me to lace up my running shoes.

I have 10 miles on the plan for tomorrow. My last long run before the half-marathon next week. I'm a bit nervous. For both tomorrow and next weekend. But it's only supposed to be in the lower 60s tomorrow, should be ideal running weather. I'll be up by my parents, so it'll be a new running route, which I've already mapped and printed out. You know, so I can leave it with Dad in case it gets to be 4 hours later and I still haven't returned. Then he can hop in the truck and come find me.

Then I have a bit of time to shower and relax before my cousin's end of the season race party, which should be a blast. Which is why the 10 miles will get done tomorrow afternoon instead of Sunday. Because I don't think I'll be in the mood to run 10 miles on Sunday.


Deloris said...

Are you getting excited? Your half marathon is six days away. :)

How was your last long run?

Anonymous said...

How'd the 10er go!? Almost done!!!