Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm getting ready to walk the plank

Ahoy mates!

I hope you've mastered your pirate dialect, because today? For the next six and a half hours, is Talk Like a Pirate Day. And if you fail to incorporate some pirate-ese into your speech, they just might make you walk the plank, although that could be fun, as long as there are no sharks swimming around.


In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day, the rest of my post, in pirate-ese, with the help of an English-to-Pirate translator.


`Tis a really nice night ou'. Sunny, comfy temperatures. Th' kind o' night 'ere I jus' want t' come homeport, lace up me sneakers an' take a run. On accoun' o' do I need t' remind ye that I`ll be runnin' a half-marathon in less than 4 days? I didna think so. But I canna. On accoun' o' I be havin' places t' be. Places 'ere I get t' learn how t' test evidence. An' they's promised us we`d get dirty. Ortin' ta be fun.

(What I said, in English)

It's a really nice night out. Sunny, comfy temperatures. The kind of night where I just want to come home, lace up my sneakers and take a run. Because do I need to remind you that I'll be running a half-marathon in less than 4 days? I didn't think so. But I can't. Because I have places to be. Places where I get to learn how to test evidence. And they've promised us we'd get dirty. Should be fun.

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