Monday, September 17, 2007

Hal wouldn't be very happy with me

I admit it.

I blew off my 10-mile run this weekend.

* pauses *

You can stop throwing things at me now.

I have excuses. But they're not very good ones, so I won't even bother telling them to you and save you some reading time.

Will skipping my 10-miler come back to bite me in the butt on Sunday? Maybe. Will I try to get one more longer run in before Sunday comes around? Hopefully.

All I know for sure is that I have a handful of days left before I tackle this half-marathon thing. And there isn't a whole lot more I can do about my skipped 10-mile run. So I'll deal with it.


Anonymous said...


Did you just hear me gasp aloud at my desk? Because I did.

Anonymous said...

(Um, I'm still gasping over here).

Badgergirl said...

Sorry to leave you gasping all day.

You can tell me "I told you so" when I struggle across the finish line Sunday. :)

Anonymous said...


Trust me, you'll want fresh legs for Sunday, so be sure to rest Friday & Saturday. Yes, BOTH DAYS.

If you must, put 5 or 6 miles on the schedule for Wednesday, but no later.

Oh yeah, and you'll do great on Sunday. Because I said so.

Badgergirl said...

Thanks for the advice Daily Tragedies.

I snuck in a 4.5 mile run on Tuesday and might head out for a shorter one tonight after work. And then I'm done until Sunday.