Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Distance to hell? 8.5 miles

That, my friends, sucked.

It was hot. And semi-humid. And sunny. And the run itself? That was horrible. So horrible I didn't even make it the full 9 miles this morning. I settled for 8.5, but still, it was an awful 8.5.

Let's just say, by the time I got 2.5 miles under my belt, I felt like quitting. I told myself, just get to the 3 mile turnaround, then maybe consider doing 6. Nope, instead I took a break and walked for a bit, and when I got to Mile 3, I decided, "Hey, this isn't too awful. I can keep on going." So I did. But it didn't get easier. In fact, it got harder. And 8 miles? That's really far when it's hot and humid and you don't really feel like putting one foot in front of the other. But I kept going. Probably took more walking and stretching breaks than I should have, but it's my run and I can do what I want. And all the while I was running, I'm thinking, "This weather? This is why my month of August was so awful. Because it was H-O-T. And it's hard to run when it's hot."

But eventually I made it back to my car. The time? It wasn't pretty. But considering the heat and the fact that my legs felt like lead, I'll take it.

And now I'm just going to cross my fingers that when the half-marathon arrives, it isn't 86 and humid. I'm hoping for some nice mid-60s. That sounds much better to run 13.1 miles in if you ask me.

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