Friday, June 1, 2007

The wheels kept turning

My bike, the one my dad made all spiffy back in April, has been feeling a bit neglected.

It's been sitting there, parked underneath the shelf in my garage. Everyday I go to get in my car to leave for work it just looks at me. If bikes had eyes, this one would have those pleading, puppy dog eyes that just scream, "Take me for a bike ride!"

So today, I did.

Granted, it wasn't the most beautiful day, although it was a bit cooler, it was still pretty humid. By the time I left work it was starting to get cloudy. But my bike still called. So I took it out for a 6-mile spin. I could have gone farther, and wanted to keep pedaling, but by the time I started heading back for my apartment, the wind had picked up and the fluffy white clouds that were in the sky when I left work had turned kind of nasty looking. Since I really didn't want to get stuck in a storm on my bike, I headed home. I made it with just enough to read for about 20 minutes before taking a shower. Then the thunder started rumbling, the lightning started flashing and the downpour began.

The bike ride was good though. Now let's just hope tomorrow's Lake Fly 5K goes OK.

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