Friday, June 22, 2007

In case the cowboys capture me, these were my plans

I'm going into work late today. Meaning I should have probably laced up my shoes and went running this morning when I got up. But I didn't.

I have an excuse though.

I'm going to be spending my Friday night shift, walking around a 175-acre field full of sunburned, tired, and most likely drunk cowboys and cowgirls who just want to see Dierks Bentley take the stage. Yes. Welcome to my inaugural shift at County USA. From what I've heard from co-workers, it shouldn't be too bad though. Unless the cowboys and girls can't behave. Then we might have problems.

But after my night with the cowboys, I'm running with Krista in the morning before spending the rest of my day with the chickens at Chickenfest, the summer festival where my parents live, tomorrow and I have plans to wrap up my weekend with a 4-mile run Sunday.

Aren't you jealous? Cowboys, chickens and running shoes? I thought so.

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