Sunday, June 17, 2007

There weren't many things I liked about the 'burg, but this was one

I admit, those three years I lived in the 'burg? Not the most memorable time in my life.

I had a job I disliked more often than I liked, I didn't have a ton of friends there and there wasn't much to do, because remember, it was the 'burg.

But believe it or not, there were a few bright moments from those three years. There was the community orchestra I played in, where I met some great people. And the summer I spent my days and evenings in the pit orchestra for a community production of "Oklahoma!" They were long days and longer nights, but the shows were fun and the afterglows were a blast.

And then there was Amanda. The closest friend I had in the 'burg.

We met at work, discovered a mutual love for the Dave Matthews Band and hit it off. One summer concert at Alpine Valley lead to another and the rest is history.

There were weekly runs to Jimmy John's for lunch. It got to the point where the girl working the counter didn't even have to ask us our order (a Slim 4 with cheese for me and some concoction with cherry peppers for her), having our sandwiches ready before we even told the guy what we wanted.

When the Wisconsin winters finally went away, it was nights spent walking loops around the cemetery next to her house. This was our gossip time and the topics ranged from work gripes, to boy troubles, to our hopes and dreams.

Eventually, those dreams lead me away from the 'burg last summer. But my friendship with Amanda is one I've kept. Granted, those walks in the cemetery aren't as often and the gossip sessions usually take place via e-mail these days, but it's a friendship I'm glad to have.

Friday night I got the chance to do it all in person again, as I headed down to the 'burg to spend the evening with Amanda. Our plans were kind of low key, dinner and some good gossip time, but it was nice to catch up with an old friend.

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Anonymous said...

It was a great night, except for the lack of AC at Pietro's.
I miss having you in the Burg but you are so better off up in Oshkosh.