Sunday, June 17, 2007

One week's over

If this past week is any indication of what the rest of the summer's going to be like, I think I might have chosen a bad summer to train for a half marathon.

A recap of the week's weather: mid-80s, sunny, humid. Repeat for seven days.

But even though it was hot and nasty outside, I stuck with what Hal was telling me to do, well mostly. Two three-mile runs, a two-mile run and today's 4-miler. I got all the runs in that Hal was telling me I needed to, I just mixed up some of the days, since I wasn't able to lace up the sneakers on Thursday due to my gallivanting at Waterfest. But I made up for it this weekend.

Not too bad. This week I should really figure out what I'm going to do for my cross-training. It'll probably be time on my bike. And of course, I should try to make it back to the YMCA just to do some weights once a week. Maybe tomorrow, since that's what Hal's telling me I should do.

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