Sunday, June 3, 2007

No lake flies were to be found

The good news is, I wasn't found lying in a crumpled head somewhere around mile 1.9. And I wasn't the last runner to cross the finish line.

I survived the Lake Fly 5K yesterday. That's not to say it was a completely enjoyable run.

The run itself, along the river, wasn't too bad. Even though I had to dodge the piles of goose poop and a few dead fish, I did manage to see a turtle hanging out in the grass along the path. What made the run somewhat miserable was Mother Nature. Even though it was bright and sunny when I left my apartment an hour before the race, by the time the race started, it had conveniently started raining. It wasn't a downpour or anything, but it was a steady rain, that made it feel even more humid than it already was. And it kept raining the entire race, making the metal lift bridge we had to run over a bit treacherous. Of course, it stopped raining as soon as I crossed the finish line.

There wasn't a huge turnout, maybe about 200 people, with a good chunk deciding to walk the course. In terms of the runners, I was near the end. I think there were three girls who finished after me and of course all of the people who chose to walk. Surprisingly, the three miles wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I ended up running the entire course, which I thought was pretty good since I felt like dying earlier this week after 2 miles.

There was no "official" timer thing at the end, and of course my watch didn't work, so I didn't figure out my time until I after I got home and added up the lengths of the songs that shuffled through my MP3 player. And I was surprised. According to the MP3 player, I finished around 30 minutes, 50 seconds, almost a minute and a half faster than my Oshkosh 5K time. That didn't sound right to me, but I did the math a few times and kept coming up with that same answer. So maybe I wasn't running as slow as I thought.

All in all, I got what I wanted out of the Lake Fly 5K. It was a way for me to work my way back into running after the Great Neck Slicing of 2007.

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