Monday, June 18, 2007

From the court to the dating pool

I remember watching him on the tennis court.

Granted, I was infatuated with his Aussie countryman Patrick Rafter, but still, it a match with Mark Philippoussis was not painful to watch. Tall, dark hair and he had a monster of a serve.

But Mark, what's the problem? Why have you resorted to an American reality dating show? If you really wanted to go the dating show route, why couldn't you have at least chosen The Bachelor? Because that one is more entertaining to watch. This "Age of Love" thing? Kind of cheesy. Cause you know you're totally going to end up with one of the 20-somethings.


Could you at least see if Patrick Rafter could come on the show and help you make some decision, like if you should can the 48-year-old executive assistant to the Lakers owner or 21-year-old college kid who's jealous because all of her friends are getting married.

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