Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The little things are bugging me today

A few random things I want to complain about today:

* Gas. Seriously, the price of gas spike 30 cents overnight. As in yesterday the signs said $3.09 and today, when I went to go fill up my gas tank (because I would have done it yesterday but wasn't expecting a price jump), it was $3.39. So of course when I went to fill my car up after work today, it was $26.50 to fill my gas tank up three-quarters of the way. What gives? Why the huge spike? Last time I checked, the Fourth of July was last week. So why can those big oil companies who provide us with gas justify the 30 cent increase? Grr.

* I got new neighbors over the weekend. A younger couple moved into the apartment above me and they have a baby, probably around 6 months old or so. It looks like a cute kid. And normally, I like babies. But this one? This one has been crying non-stop for the past 3 hours. And it's getting a bit old. Like I said, I like babies, but Mom and Dad upstairs need to figure out why their kid is crying and make it stop, because if the crying continues while I'm attempting to sleep, I will not be a happy camper.

* The last three times I've been running, I've ended up with a blister on my right foot. Twice it's been on the side of my big toe and once it was on the side of my foot, near my big toe. I'm not a big fan of blisters, they hurt. But I think I need new shoes and I'm going to get some next week, so hopefully that will solve the blister problem.

On a happier note, only two more days before I'm officially on vacation for a week. Other than a doctor's appointment, I have absolutely no plans. Just think, an entire week off to do whatever I please. I can't wait.

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Farrah said...

Gas prices jumped to $3.49 in Milwaukee this morning. I really wish I didn't have a 17 gallon gas tank!

My sympathies on the crying baby upstairs. My landlords (who live downstairs) have a 12 year old beagle, and the other night, I listened to her howl every 5 seconds for two hours straight, until after 11 pm when I was in bed trying to sleep. I thought I was going to rip my hair out. Nights like that really motivate me to save money so I can buy my own house someday.