Saturday, July 14, 2007

I almost got blown to Kansas

Sure, now it isn't so windy.

I decided to head out for a bike ride this afternoon. It was deceptively calm at my apartment. The leaves on the trees were rustling a little bit, but it didn't seem very windy. I didn't think I'd have many problems.

I was wrong.

When I left my apartment, I headed south for a bit, intending to make a 12-mile loop around the airport. The ride was going fine, until I turned onto a country road and started to head west.

Then the winds hit me. Literally almost knocking me off my bike. I don't have anything measuring wind speed on my bike, but I swear the winds were a steady 20 miles per hour from the west. Meaning I was biking directly into them. It was brutal. Not quite as brutal as last weekend's 5-run in the super humid weather, but brutal.

I kept heading west for about three miles before I took a turn north. And thankfully, the winds died down a bit, probably due to the trees. Unfortunately, I had one more little jaunt west before I could finally start the trip back towards home, with the wind at my back. But of course, once I had the wind at my back and I was heading back into town, it didn't even feel gusty. Must have been those country roads, surrounded by miles of fields and nothing to buffer the wind.

As I was riding by the airport, I couldn't help but notice the flurry of activity, as the folks at EAA are busy getting the grounds ready for next week's AirVenture convention. They were getting the campgrounds ready and putting up signage directing people to parking and the airshow.

And me? I was just the girl on her bike who managed not to get knocked off by the gusty winds.

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