Sunday, July 22, 2007

Half-marathon training: Week 6

Well, I'm halfway through my half-marathon training program. And I must say, things are going pretty well.

Today I logged my second 6-mile run. I was a bit slower than last week, about 5 minutes, but I also think I ran a little bit farther this week. Last week I skipped the smallish hill right around the mid-point of my run and headed back to the car. This week, I sucked it up and ran uphill. It wasn't much farther, maybe a quarter of a mile, but still, it was farther.

So today's run. It went OK. I got to try out my water bottle thingy I bought and I was very pleased with my purchase. The 21-ounce bottle held enough water for me not only to drink, but also squirt over myself when I started to get really hot around mile 5. I made decent time during miles 1 through 3, but I think I slowed down a bit during the second half of the run, but I'm OK with that. And I only took one 40-second walk break today, around mile 5.5.

The rest of my training went pretty well this week too. I got in two 4-mile runs and a 3.1 mile run in addition to two bike rides. Total mileage this week was 22 miles on the bike and 17.4 miles of running. Not bad.

Only 62 more days to go.

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