Saturday, July 28, 2007

Did you just hear that?

They were so loud, the walls of the shack shook.

Yes my friends, today I finally got to see the F-22 Raptors, the newest fighter jet in the U.S. Air Force's fleet. It made my week long wait to spend a shift working at the EAA AirVenture Convention totally worth it.

And they were cool. And loud. And super fast.

Before I trained my eyes to the sky looking for the Raptors, I got a chance to listen to Maj. Paul "Max" Moga speak to the media. Moga's an Air Force pilot who gets to fly the Raptor. He said when he climbed into the cockpit, ready to take his first flight in the Raptor, which was solo since it's a one-seater plane, it was a mix of emotion. "I was half thrilled beyond belief that I was sitting there. The other half of me was so damn nervous that I was going to screw something up."

Unfortunately, I didn't get to see the full Raptor demonstration today. This was mostly because the air space Moga was working with here was too small. So convention goers got a scaled down display of what the Raptor could do, including reaching speeds of Mach. Which was still cool. And loud. And fast.

"When they see the jet doing things they've never seen a combat jet do before, they think, it just isn't supposed to be able to do that," Moga told the media earlier today.

Exactly. A fighter jet, it's not supposed to be able to do stuff like fly straight up into the air and who knows what else, because I wasn't able to see everything it can do today. But check out this video and you can see some of the mind boggling things this plane is capable of.

But did I tell you it was loud? See for yourself, since the plane was flying way too fast for me to take a picture, I tried out the video function on my camera.


Krista said...

Dude, wasn't it awesome? I saw it last year, and thought it was the coolest.

Also, your YouTube soundtrack rocks.


Happy weekend.

Krista said...

OK, wait. Turns out that was MY computer that was playing the music. But it was totally appropriate. And I have no idea how that happened.

I'm an R-tard.