Sunday, July 8, 2007

And that's about all I did today

I think saying it was hot would be an understatement.

More like brutal. And scorching. Sure the thermometer read 80 degrees, but it felt so much hotter.

And it was only 9 a.m.

But I ran. All 5 miles, well except for the 50 seconds near mile 4.5 when my legs felt like absolute lead and it seemed like I was walking faster than I was running. But still. The 5 miles? It got done. I was a bit slower this week, 59 minutes compared to 58 last weekend, but I blame that on the sizzling temperatures and the nasty 20 mile per hour winds I was fighting during the final 2 miles.

My reward for running? I met a friend for lunch and then came home, popped in The Departed and did absolutely nothing for the rest of the day. I think I deserved it. Because did I mention it was hot today? Yeah, it was.

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