Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Those rules on the sign? You're supposed to obey them. Really.

I'll be short tonight and get straight to the point.

I like dogs. I don't actually have one myself due to my somewhat unpredictable work schedule and the fact that I live alone. But I like dogs and someday hope to get one. That being said, I'm a little leery around big dogs that I don't know since I was chased by a big, mean dog when I was little.

So tonight when I'm running on the Wiouwash Trail, zoning out to my tunes and come across a big dog on the trail around somewhere around Mile 3.75? I was startled. And what made it worse?

He wasn't on a leash.

His owner was walking about 100 yards behind him with another little terrier - who was on the leash - and she didn't seem to care that a random runner just stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the dog. Didn't call the dog over. Didn't try to put the leash on it. Nothing. I would try to keep running but then he'd move towards me and bark. So I stopped dead again.

She finally gets up to the dog and grabs his collar and I take off running by him. I'm just out her ear shot when I look behind me and mutter, "It's called a leash lady."

The ironic thing? This all happened right near the trail head. And right by the sign that says dogs MUST be on leashes.

Other than that incident the 6 miles went fine.


Renee said...

I agree with you 100%. I love dogs. I don't even have a fear of big dogs, but dogs not on a leash on a public trail piss me off. You never know how another dog or person is going to react around your dog. If you want to take you dog off a leash go to a dog park.

Badgergirl said...


Deloris said...

I love it when people don't follow rules.

Carolina John said...

Screw all of that! You've got to have a bigger confrontation especially if it's a bigger dog. I want no part of no leashes. That's some scary, nasty stuff. And I hate dogs.

Loots said...

My Dad used to carry a sqirt bottle with ammonia in it after being chased or threatened by one too many dogs while out jogging.