Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. The UPS and FedEx man were my friends this week. See I did a little bit of online shopping last week when I was on vacation. I figured since I didn't spend much money by actually going places - other than Packers training camp and Family Night - I could justify a few purchases. And really, they were things I needed. Running related things. First up was a new Moving Comfort Charity sports bra. It's my absolute favorite sports bra for long runs. And for some reason I wasn't thinking a few weeks ago and wore it during Tough Mudder. Um, none of my clothes - including the sports bra - survived Tough Mudder. So a replacement was needed. And since I got a deal, I also ordered a tube of strawberry lemonade Nuun. And today the FedEx man brought me my package of clearance goodies from Brooks - two pairs of Epiphany stretch shorts II (in black and a blue color), a hat and this tank. Can't wait to go for a run and try out the goodies!

2. Let's talk about football for a moment. The Badgers open the season in 21 days against UNLV at Camp Randall Stadium. Excited! And the Packers, well their first pre-season game is Saturday but honestly the pre-season doesn't count. The real NFL fun starts on Sept. 8 when the New Orleans Saints visit Lambeau Field. That's only 28 days away. Not that I'm counting. Yes. I'm a bit excited for football season to start.

3. I almost was able to get in a run while at work today. Too bad my photographer wanted nothing to do with it. I got sent out to a barn fire in the county that I live in. The road the barn is on is a fairly narrow road to begin with and when you bring in fire trucks from five surrounding communities to fight the fully engulfed fire, it makes it a tight squeeze. So law enforcement closed down the road and wouldn't let anyone - even me - in. And of course due to its location, it was almost impossible to see the barn and flames from where they had the road blocked. We could have taken a jaunt on the Wiouwash Trail, which runs right alongside the barn, and my photographer could have gotten the shot she needed. But she didn't want to walk the mile or so from the trail head to near the property. Sigh. So late night at the office chasing down the barn fire meant I didn't run. Even though I had the chance while on the job.


Renee said...

Number 2 is awesome. I seriously can't wait. I need me some real football, now.

Sweet and Savory by Sarah said...

Okay so I just found your blog through another blog and you have got to be near me...since all your runs are cities around me. I am located in Neenah :)