Thursday, August 4, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. How is it already Thursday? While I like weekends the upcoming weekend means one thing. My vacation is almost over. I didn't go anywhere exciting during my week off. It was mostly a week to relax, putz and try to regain my sanity. It was a good week. I've still got 3 more days to take advantage of.

2. I did take a road trip on Wednesday up to Green Bay to watch Packers training camp. I love me some football. So I was excited when the lockout ended and training camp started, just in time for my week off. I'd never been up to training camp before, but it was pretty interesting watching practice and the players do the drills. Plus there's a tradition in Green Bay where the kids bring their bikes to Lambeau Field before practice and the players ride to and from the practice facility on the bikes. Amusing watching pro football players ride little kids' bikes. Especially if they happen to be pink sparkly bikes. And of course since the players are pretty accessible, everyone wants to get autographs. Me? Who needs autographs when you can get Donald Driver's and Clay Matthews' heads on a stick?

3. There's been some running this week. A short treadmill run on Tuesday night followed by 6.3 miles of hill intervals at the YMCA on Wednesday. Today I got outside for my 4-mile run and even though it was kind of toasty out, everything was going fantastic through the first three miles. Then the final mile was brutal. But the miles got done. Now Friday is technically a rest day, but I might take a short bike ride before Saturday's long run - 14 miles. I've had it with the heat and humidity though. Bring on the fall running weather!


Carolina John said...

running on vacation is the best! No time constraints, just get out there and get some miles.

Rachel said...

They seriously were giving out player's heads on a stick! I love it!

I miss living up there and getting to watch practice!

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

Soooo jealous that you got to go to Packers' training camp!!
Humidity is the reason that I don't think I could live in the Midwest again. :(

Suzy said...

So very jealous that you were there! I just know you had an awesome time.