Monday, August 15, 2011

Nothing like a last minute race to get excited for

While the thought was always in the back of my head, I never really expected to get to the point where I could just sign up for a half marathon on a whim.

Today I did.

Thanks to winning a free entry from Running Diva Mom to run with the Team Refuel with Chocolate Milk, I'll be running the Madison Mini Marathon on Saturday. Yup. That's in five days. But it fits in with my training schedule (which has me logging between 13 and 15 miles) and I really can't pass up the opportunity to run a half marathon in one of my favorite cities - Madison, Wis. Plus it starts and finishes at the Memorial Union and winds through a good chunk of the University of Wisconsin campus.

And for this Badgergirl? That's like heaven.

Anyone else planning on running in Madison Saturday?


Renee said...

Um, totally jealous. I wanted to run this. Have a great time!

Carolina John said...

That's fantastic! I'm going to be running August's half marathon on saturday too, but I'll be in Tybee Island GA, not madison. And it will just be a run around the island, not an organized race. and I may die of a heat stroke trying to run in georgia in august.

Good luck!

teacherwoman said...

awesome! Have fun!