Friday, January 1, 2010

It's time to make resolutions. Or plans. Or something.

With the beginning of the new year, it's time to set some resolutions. Or set goals. Or make plans.

How about, decide what I want to do in 2010?

I've given it a bit of thought. 365 days is a long time. I could do a lot of stuff. It could potentially be a good year. And it all depends on what I decide right now. No pressure or anything. So here they are, my 2010 resolutions/goals/plans/decisions:

  • Travel. I thought about it and I never left the state of Wisconsin in 2009. I was close - I could see the state of Minnesota from Granddad's Bluff when I was in La Crosse and got as close an Interstate exit away from Illinois in July. But I never left Wisconsin. Kind of sad. This year I will leave the Badger State, even if it's just briefly.
  • I need to find a niche. A group where I fit in. Might be the bike club in town. Or the triathlon club. Or even the running club. But I need to find some of those other people in this area that want to tackle the things I do and don't look at me like I'm crazy.
  • Read 40 books. This has become pretty standard for me. I've surpassed it in the past, but just missed it in 2009.
  • Get rid of those last pesky 10 pounds left over from The Monster medication.
  • Push myself to produce a piece of work that I'm incredibly proud of. I've got the chance, the multi-month project is already in the works and I'm ready to begin it.
  • Still working on shaving some more minutes off that 5K time. Aiming for a 30 minute 5K by the end of 2010.
  • Tackle the half marathon distance again.
  • Push myself and aim for a season-ending Olympic triathlon.
  • Run 750 miles in 2010.
  • Bike 1,000 miles in 2010.
  • Become consistent with the weight training.
  • Keep on swimming.
I haven't completely finalized a 2010 race schedule, but here's what I'm toying with:

Indoor triathlons at the YMCA (Jan. 23 and March 6)
Oshkosh 5K (April 18)
Green Bay Half Marathon (May 16)
High Cliff Sprint Triathlon (June 19)
Firecracker 5K (July 4)
Trek Women's Triathlon (July 11)
Scheel's Sunset Run (July)
Oshkosh Olympic Triathlon (Aug. 8)
Fox Cities Half Marathon (Sept. 19)
Freaky 5K (October)
Santa Scamper (November)
Turkey Trot (November)

Most of those are repeat events, although the Green Bay Half Marathon is new. It would be half marathon No. 2, and I couldn't pass up the chance to run through Lambeau Field. No registration fees have been paid yet, but I'm 90 percent sure I'll be doing it. I'll let you all know when I make the final decision!

So there you have it. My resolutions. Or goals. Or plans. Whatever you want to call them. I'll let you know how they turn out in a year.


Suzy said...

I want to do the Green Bay Half just so I can visit Lambeau again!! Oh, how I love it there. :D

You have a wonderful plan set out. I hope you accomplish all you set to do in 2010.

teacherwoman said...

Looks great! I look forward to following you and your goals through 2010! Happy new Year!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great 2010 ahead of you. Looking forward to hearing about it.

Deloris said...

Good luck with your resolutions this year!

Jess said...

I think those are awesome resolutions. I especially like your work goal of creating something you are truly proud of. I think that's a good one every could apply to their professional lives.