Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The cold: Version 2.0

Apparently the cold I had a week ago - the one that I thought was gone - was the variety that decides after leaving my body that it was pretty cozy and comes back for a return visit.

Yup. It was back.

It started with a small, nagging tickle in my throat on Saturday. And when I woke up on Sunday.


It felt like I had been hit by a Mack truck (again). Achy body. Stuffy nose. But the nose was still runny. Headache. Exactly like I felt before. But this time? There was more. This time it felt like there was a brick sitting right.on.top.of.my.chest. And the cough which featured some great mucusy stuff that I coughed up.

Great times.

After waking up feeling like that, I threw plans to hit the gym out the window. I barely had enough energy to take down my Christmas tree. Mostly I stayed sacked out in my recliner, covered up in a blanket watching TV (that was a painful Packer game to watch for so many different reasons). And of course I kept myself drugged up on cold medicine.

I tried to make it swim class Monday morning, even set my alarm for 4:45. But when it started buzzing? I still felt awful. So I went back to sleep. Went to work. Came right home.

Today I felt better. Had some more energy. Didn't feel so bad. The cough (along with the phlegm I'm coughing up) is still there, but it's not as bad.

So I hit the gym after work. Snuck in a quick 3-mile run on the treadmill (included some intervals and felt really good) and followed that up with a 5-mile cool down on the stationary bike. It's good to know I haven't completely blown off the first two weeks of half marathon training.

Did I just say half marathon training? Yes I did. That's a whole different post to come in the next few days.


Kristie said...

Oooh, teasing with that half marathon comment :) You inspire me with how well you stick to working out even when you are sick - I am an expert at just lying around feeling sorry for myself when that happens.

Havs said...

Well, hope you feel better soon! I've dodged the sick bug all winter so far (knocking on wood desk as I type this...). What 1/2 are you running?

Feb 1st starts my mary training for WIS Marathon on May 1st. You should come on down to Kenosha and run it!

Mike Russell said...

So good to hear about the half-marathon! Get yourself a good expectorant and you will be fine!

Deloris said...

Good luck with your half marathon training!

teacherwoman said...

Oh hun. Sorry to hear you're still not feeling 100%....

Half Marathon training? What race? :)

Lacey Nicole said...

hehehe.. !!! half marathon training!! exciting :) i just pulled together a training schedule too so we'll jump into them together :)

glad you are starting to feel better. it really sucks being sick :( all around. hopefully things continue look up and up !! :)

Runner Leana said...

Sorry to hear the cold is back! If you are feeling tired and yucky then a workout probably won't do too much to help you. I find after a couple of days though that I'll feel better on a run than when I'm sitting around.

Oh, did you say half marathon training? Nice!!

Suzy said...

Feel better soon!

BTW, consider yourself tagged. Check my blog for info.