Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Badger loss leaves me with screaming legs

I think my legs are going to hate me in the morning.

And I blame it on a college basketball game.

The Badgers were playing Michigan State tonight. And the game was on TV, but since I don't have cable, I can't watch the Big Ten Network at my house. Tip-off was at 5:30, right as I was finishing up at work, so my plan was to head over to the YMCA and park myself on a treadmill or bike, get my workout in and watch the game.

Sounded like a great plan.

I got to the gym and by the time I got upstairs and snagged a treadmill, there was about 5 minutes gone in the first half. I started running. I kept it at an easy pace. But then an idea hit me. Commercial breaks. Why don't I bump the speed up during the commercial break? Call it intervals?

So I did. I was taking it easy during most of the run, setting the treadmill speed at 5.6 or 5.7mph, but during the commercial breaks I jacked the speed up to 6.5mph (hey, it's fast for me). At just over 2 minutes, I pounded out a quarter-mile during those commercial breaks. I did this every three-quarters of a mile during the first three miles of my run.

Then I had to switch treadmills.

I kept running though. Another 2.5 miles and kept throwing in those intervals, but this time I kept the speed at 6.5 mph for a half-mile. And by that last interval, when I was nearing the 5.5 mile mark? Torture. But I finished. and then walked a bit.

So my hour on the treadmill was done, but there was still 15 minutes of basketball left to be played. And since the game was still close, I headed over to a stationary bike and pedaled for 20 minutes. My legs were kind of starting to grumble, but I wasn't going to miss the end of the game.

Finished up the bike with about 5 minutes left in the game and headed down to the locker room to grab my stuff. Listened to the last minutes of the game on the radio in the car on the way home.

The Badgers lost. Sight. Although it was close to the last seconds. And the legs? They're starting to grumble a bit louder. By tomorrow morning I have a feeling they'll be screaming.

It was worth it though.


Linda said...

Hey - I live in Madison and watched the game. DARN
I didn't get home from work until the 2nd half - but I just sat on the couch and watched - you worked your behind off. Way to go -
I see you are doing Tall MOM's 1000+++ challenge.

Good luck.

Stay warm ;-)

MCM Mama said...

Great job getting a good workout and watching the game. (I'm guessing my dad's unhappy tonight as well...)

Deloris said...

Good job! That is awesome. I was hoping Wisconsin would pull off the win since they beat one of my favorite teams, Duke.

J said...

Wow that sounds like an intense workout!!! I am thinking about trying the treadmill tonight...hopefully I will make it for 5 miles!

Running Diva Mom said...

I know -- I had a grumpy hubby last night after the game! BUMMER!

Kuddos to you for multi-tasking last night. What a great idea to pick up the speed during commercial breaks. I will need to try that.

teacherwoman said...

Wow! Very inventive way to get in a great workout! Nice job, Badgergirl!

Sorry to hear about your Badgers... is Michigan State pretty good this year? I think I have seen them win a couple games.

Jess said...

Sorry to hear the Badgers lost but you got in a freakin' awesome workout!

Mike Russell said...

Great workout and nothing like a great game to keep the adrenalin flowing! Win or lose, college sports are a lot of fun to watch.

Carolina John said...

at least you got to see the game.

anytime my legs feel sore i knew i hit it just hard enough. good job.

RunToTheFinish said...

I used to do this with the Biggest Loser and it was a great way to make myself go just a bit farther!

missinsidegirl said...

I love an excuse to keep going, and push the envelope a little :) Good work! Hope all is well with you, lady.


Lacey Nicole said...

hilarious!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. i should try this strategy at some point. too bad they lost :( i'm sorry. better luck next time!!!!!!!!!!!! if you had a second fave team who would it be?? (you are such a superfan, dare i ask?!? hahaha... i will ask anyway just cuz i'm curious)

Badgergirl said...

Oh it was much better today Lacey. The Badgers handed Purdue their first loss of the season. Fabulous!

If I had to choose a second favorite team? I guess I'd go with North Carolina. Although I'm not as fanatical about the Tar Heels as I am the Badgers - what can I say, 4 years on a campus? It gets in your blood. :)