Tuesday, March 6, 2007



I started Week 3 of my 5K training program yesterday with a wonderful rest day. Today, I had to bump up my mileage on the treadmill to nowhere to 2 miles.

I doesn't sound like a lot, and I can totally run 2 miles, no problem.

But today? I stepped on the treadmill, started running and after a half mile, I had a nasty cramp in my left side.

I tried the run with your hands on your head thing. I didn't make the cramp go away. So I lowered the speed on the treadmill and ran through the crampy feeling. After about a mile and a half, the cramp disappeared and the last half mile went fine.

But for about a mile, that run was painful. But I'm happy to report I stuck with it and kept running until the distance on the treadmill turned to 2 miles.

Hopefully the next 2 mile trek won't be as painful or crampy though.

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