Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Mental note: House isn't my thing

I don't normally watch House, but I tuned in tonight for one reason and one reason alone: Dave Matthews.

And I must say, I was quite impressed with the performance Dave Matthews gave. The quirky looks and the way he delivered his lines. Sigh. It makes me wish the Dave Matthews Band would announce a summer tour schedule soon, cause I'm longing for a trip to Alpine Valley.

But back to House. Dave was good. The rest of the show, let's just say that's an hour of my life I won't be able to get back.

Honestly, I could have cared less about the show when Dave Matthews wasn't on the screen. I'm sure it has to do with the fact that I don't watch it, I'm not sure what's going on with all the characters and the storyline. There were parts tonight that dealt with House and how he was faking cancer to get something implanted in his brain to get high. But those parts of the hour-long episode dragged for me. Sad to say, but they were almost painful for me to watch.

But seeing Dave Matthews was a highlight. And at least I know not to set aside time on Tuesday nights to watch House in the future.


Krista said...


I love House. It may or may not be because I have a crush on him. But whatever.

DrBear said...

Ah well...part of it is that this is one show where you have to have followed the characters for a while. Took me a while to get into it, but now I do. Although I have to hold my stomach in during the surgery scenes.

LJ said...

I find House intriguing... but I find Dave Matthews delicious =) I happened to see the same episode, since my mom called me frantically to let me know Dave was on.

Thought you'd be pleased to know sounds like DMB summer tour dates are just around the corner. I'm with you... just can't wait!