Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not something I'm looking forward to

Being the weekend reporter, I should be looking forward to my opportunity to sleep in tomorrow morning.

Except I'm not.

Sure, I might get to catch a few extra minutes of sleep. But then I have a doctor's appointment, one where I'll be poked and prodded.

I'm not excited. It's not even a normal doctor's appointment. Apparently I have some nodule thing on my thyroid and they want to do a biopsy just to make sure it's nothing serious. Yes, please make sure I'm not dying. But do you really have to stick a needle in my neck in order to make sure I'm not dying? Isn't there some other, oh I don't know, less painful way to do that? There's got to be, but apparently the doctor says there isn't. I just hope the person who will be doing the sticking knows what they're doing.

So instead of enjoying a relaxing morning off, I'll be at a doctor's office, getting stabbed in the neck. If I don't show up for work, it's cause they stabbed in the wrong place.

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