Wednesday, March 14, 2007

After 2 nice days, it's back to the treadmill

It looked like we were going to be able to squeeze one more nice day in this week before falling back to the reality that is March in Wisconsin.

It was probably in the low 50s when I took my lunch break and I decided that if it was still that nice when I got out of work, I would run outside. But I still packed my gym bag and threw it in the car just in case, because even though weathermen are wrong most of the time, every so often they are right.

Turns out they were right. They had predicted falling temps through the day and possible rain showers. By the time the clock struck 5:30, it was a mix of cold rain and sleet. Not very ideal for running outside in.

So I headed over to the YMCA, after having an argument in my head about the merits of skipping the gym today. But I went, changed and was pleasantly surprised when there was not only one, but two treadmills for me to choose from.

I picked my treadmill and got on. I started running with just the thought of doing a 1.5 mile run. Keep it on the shorter side since today was technically one of my rest days that I've been using as a cross training day. After I finished the 1.5 miles (at a slightly faster pace than I usually do), I decided I felt good, so I kept going. My play date with The Rugrats yesterday meant I didn't get around to running the 2.25 miles I was supposed to, so I decided to do it today. I finished it, varying the pace I was running throughout, in about 23 minutes and I didn't feel too bad. It actually felt pretty good.

So maybe tomorrow I get back on track with the 5K training program I'm following. It calls for a 1.5 mile run. We'll see how my legs feel, if they feel like lead, I may skip the run. But I'm hoping they feel pretty good and will be able to make the 1.5 miles. Because April 14 is right around the corner!

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