Thursday, March 8, 2007

I'm bleeding

A bleeding finger makes it quite difficult to type.

Trust me, I know from experience.

So I got back to the office today after lunch and I made some phone calls, got voice mail and left messages. One of the messages I left was with a judge's secretary. He would be back from lunch in about 20 minutes and she'd have him call me back. Sounded good.

Well during that 20 minutes, I managed to get a nasty hangnail that started to bleed. And it wasn't just a little blood. It bled pretty steadily, so I went off in search of a Band-aid. I found one, but before I got a chance to fix my finger, my phone was ringing.

It was the judge. He got back early and now he wanted to talk to me. Bleeding finger and all.

I couldn't just tell the judge, "Hey my finger is bleeding, can you hold on a second while I clean up the blood and put on a Band-aid?" Well, OK, maybe I could have, but that would have been weird. Besides, I thought the bleeding would stop in a moment.

I was wrong.

Here I am, trying to type while not using my thumb, which is quite difficult. In between asking the judge questions and taking notes (while not using my thumb), I had to keep my eye on my bleeding digit, which was bleeding quite steadily. Thankfully, I had some tissues at my desk, so I was able to soak up the blood occasionally, but I'd have to wait until the judge took a breath or was rambling about something that didn't really pertain to the story I was working on.

Long story short...I conducted the 20 minute interview and somehow managed not to get any blood on my keyboard. I thanked the judge for his time, hung up the phone and was ready to tend to my bleeding finger.

Of course, it had decided to stop bleeding then. Figures.

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