Thursday, December 31, 2009

A 2009 year in review

There are just over 7 hours left in 2009.

Overall I'm OK with how the year turned out. Made some mistakes. Had some some fun. Had some utterly craptastic days. Learned some stuff. In the end it all helped me become the person that's sitting here typing this review up.

So what happened in 2009? Let's take a quick look.

Not a very exciting month. Maybe because it was cold. It's Wisconsin. It happens. There was my first indoor triathlon where I took home some hardware. And that whole turning 29 thing.

It took me a month and a half, but I finally finished reading Gone with the Wind. And it only took 1,022 pages to stumble upon the passage I was looking for. February was also the month of Furlough #1. Took a side trip to the western side of the state and headed to Milwaukee to reconnect with an old friend.

Second indoor triathlon. More hardware.

Tore through the first four seasons of The Office. Managed to get stung while riding my bike. Ran my worst 5K ever. Went on a date with a 30-something guy who seemed to only talk about what he did in college 10 years earlier. The kicker? He reminded me of Theodore from The Chipmunks and every other word he used? Awesome.

A baby baboon took up residence at the community zoo. The lake flies invaded the city. The mosquitoes? They were blood thirsty and almost drained my blood during a run. I conquered the cliff road at High Cliff for the first time. And I ended the month with a nice long, organized bike ride.

Started off the month with Furlough #2. Froze like an icicle testing out the Lake Winnebago water. The cliff road I conquered in May? It kicked my butt during the run portion of the High Cliff Triathlon.

Ran a couple of 5Ks. Shaved almost 17 minutes off my Trek Triathlon time. AirVenture week kicks off. I'm in heaven.

Strapped myself in and flew upside down with an aerobatic stunt pilot. Yes, this is what bosses paid me to do during AirVenture week. Winged it at the Oshkosh Sprint Triathlon. Hot and humid, but I survived.

Started off the month dancing in the aisles to O.A.R. in Madison. Then throwing in a Labor Day run with an old friend. Setting my alarm at 4:45 a.m. on Monday mornings became a habit for me as I joined a triathlon swim class at the YMCA. Wanted to run the half marathon but just wasn't ready, so I experienced it from a volunteer's point of view.

Still swimming. Most of my runs have moved indoors to the treadmill since I'm a wuss and it's getting colder. Log my fastest 5K of the year at my last attempt at the distance this year. Finished up the month with a Halloween visit to Camp Randall to watch my Badgers destroy Purdue.

Had an unfortunate hair cutting experience. Still swimming - was introduced to the time trial. Unusually warm temperatures for November. I wasn't complaining. Tried to scamper after Santa, but got tied up in traffic. No worries, I was on time for my 5-mile attempt to trot like a turkey.

Wisconsin starts the month off on the right foot by beating Duke in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge. Makes me a happy girl. A certain boy? He doesn't make me a happy girl. Rest of the month is full of holiday madness - cookies and presents and trees and friends. There was even some time to swim and run.

That brings us to today. With just a few more hours left, 2009's getting ready to head out. It was good, but like I said, I'm OK with it going. I've heard 2010 is on its way over. And I'm kind of excited to meet it. Maybe it'll bring some good things along.

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