Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Landings are successful, Workouts? A big fail.

I've got two days on the AirVenture grounds done. And while I enjoyed spending my days walking around the grounds, looking at planes and talking to people, I have to admit. The post-workday workout? Hasn't been happening. There has been a lot of walking while I'm at the grounds though.

Yesterday I got home late and it was stormy. Had my bag packed to hit the pool, but I was super hungry. So I opted to go home and have dinner first. And today? I got home a bit earlier. But I was just tired. And my feet hurt. So I came home.

I don't have to be the grounds until tomorrow afternoon, so I'm hoping to fit in a swim and either a short run or bike before I head out.

And while the workouts have been non-existent. The airplanes? Amazing. Just look at what's landed in the last two days. And that doesn't even touch the thousands of other planes that are already on the grounds or scheduled to arrive by the end of the week. So many planes. So cool. I'm in heaven.
WhiteKnightTwo - it's the mothership that's going to carry the spaceship that will send people into space for travel. Yes. I used the word mothership in the story I wrote. Kind of neat. But would have been cool to see it with SpaceShipTwo attached to it.

Airbus A380 - Ummm, can you say big? I'm not kidding. This airplane is HUGE! It's the world's largest passenger jet and it holds like 800 people. The folks at AirVenture had to make minor modifications to the runway just so the planes wings wouldn't knock down anything when taxing.

And while those planes are cool. There's still more to come the rest of the week. Exciting. Now. Time to think about sleep so I can get up early-ish and get some kind of workout in tomorrow.

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