Tuesday, January 8, 2008

That was hard


It hurts to walk. And to sit. In general it just hurts. And I blame it all on a pair of running shoes.

In other words, that whole running thing last night? It didn't go so well.

As in, I made it a mile before I almost died. And that was a long mile. I wasn't even running fast, but it still felt like I was going to do a face plant on the treadmill and just go flying off the end. And that my friends would not have been pretty.

After the first mile, I took a break and walked for a bit, but I forced myself to run an extra half mile before calling it quits. That second half mile? It was hard too. But I did manage to finish it. Barely.

So if last night was any indication, I might be aiming for a 5K in April instead of a half marathon. Because seriously. Based on my performance last night, you would have never guessed that I managed to run 13.1 miles at the end of September and not die. Last night was that hard. And i know part of it is the whole recovery thing after being sick for over a month. And the whole not running since Nov. 1 plays a role too.

So maybe running will get easier. I'm hoping it does anyway. Because I do like it. But I'll have to wait and see. Because right now I'm just a bit too sore to tackle the treadmill to nowhere for a second night in a row.


Nat said...

Sometimes you just have bad running days though. I say try it again before you give up on that half! It might be a little easier?

Anonymous said...

Nat is right. It does get easier, but give it time and see what happens. The worst that can happen is you start training for a half and can only do the 5K come April. You'll still have some quality mileage under your belt.

teacherwoman said...

I think I have to agree with nat, even though those bad running days appear to happen more often for me... or at least they are the ones that stand out!

Stay positive though and give it some time! :)

Deloris said...

How are you feeling? Are you still sore?

Sara said...

Off topic, but how do you like The Memory Keeper's Daughter so far? It's next on my list after I finish Friday Night Lights (hopefully tomorrow).

Badgergirl said...

An update's on the way once I restore the operating system on my computer (which is almost in a functional capacity), but two quick answers.

Running. I'm not sore anymore. I managed to get in two runs last week, with my longest hovering around 1.5 miles before I took a short walk break before pounding out an additional .25 miles. Plans for this week include a few more runs, hopefully longer ones.

"The Memory Keeper's Daughter." Eh. It was an OK book. But I think I took too long to read it and maybe that's why I wasn't as impressed with as I thought I was going to be. If I had to choose again, I'd probably still read the book.