Thursday, November 30, 2006

I don't think this qualifies as a "news emergency"

Blame it on the lack of sleep.

When I went home for my dinner break, there was only one thing that absolutely HAD to be done. And it wasn't eating dinner, although that was a close second.

No, I needed to set my somewhat temperamental VCR to record Grey's Anatomy since I would be listening to some forum about 17-year-olds and how they should be returned to the juvenile court system.

I went home. I ate my chicken noodle soup (but I avoided the chicken chunks), read a bit of The Book Thief and took off for the forum. Not realizing I forgot to set the VCR. Well, I realized it, about 5 minutes before the forum when I was on the other side of town.

Yeah, wouldn't be able to blame the lack of taping on the temperamental VCR tonight.

A frantic phone call was placed and a message left on my mom's cell phone. I tried my parents' house. I got my dad on the phone, which could be a good thing. Except his reaction, "How do you set the VCR?" Not so much help.

Dejected and not quite accepting the fact that Grey's would not be taped tonight, I walked into the incredibly dull forum. On my way out, a voice mail from mom, telling me she got my message and was on her way home to set the VCR for me :)

In the end it turned out, but it was close. The lesson? Never volunteer to fill-in as the night reporter on Thursday nights or Grey's Anatomy may be missed!


Anonymous said...

surprisingly, the company I work for apparently has a blogger account. Trust me, it's as much a mystery to you as to me (despite my having worked there years longer than you ;) ).

I just wanted to say hello, mostly, my own journal being thedougman dot livejournal and so on as you know.

Not much particular to say, other than admitting my guilt as a (brief) lurker (the possibility of my moving to Madison come fall a majority percentage-- hence my LJ search for interesting persons such as yourslef)-- except that I've always wondered about the particular virtues of GA as opposed to House. Are you the one to enlighten me? :)

The Dougman ;)

Krista said...

Dear Grey's Anatomy,

I love you.


Also, a news emergency can happen at any time. Just so you know.

AND, I hate the chicken chunks in choicken noodle soup.