Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Break out the parka

So I'm confused. Yesterday it was 60 degrees outside, I could walk from the YMCA to my car in just a T-shirt at 6:30 at night and today it's freezing cold and raining (although it could be turning to sleet as I type). After reaching a high of 58 this morning at 1 a.m., the National Weather Service is predicting we might hit 30 degrees tomorrow before temperatures dip into the teens tomorrow night.

I think winter's on it's way for a visit.

That means it's time to haul out the ski jacket and find where exactly I put my box of mittens and scarves. When I moved here to the City on the Water in October, I wasn't thinking about the arrival of Ole Man Winter, so for all I know that box of goodies may be buried in a closet.

Not that I mind Ole Man Winter's arrival.

I've always liked winter. I like the snow, I like the chill in the air. I like to do winter stuff, like ski and skate. And the snow is oh so pretty. That is until it's mid-March, the snow has turned from it's pretty white to a grungy grey and I'm ready for the mercury in the thermometer to inch above 30. Then I'm ready for spring.

But for now, I'm all about winter's arrival.

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