Saturday, November 25, 2006

There's a monster in my head

For the past four days I've been struggling with the monster that is a migraine.

I'm used to migraines. I started getting them in high school, but the past three years while living in Beaverburg, I've been able to control the monsters by taking a daily preventative medication. And that helped tremendously. I only got sidelined by a migraine a few times.

However, since taking this new job in the City on the Water, I haven't had any health insurance (it kicks in Jan. 1), so I've had to stop taking the daily medicine. The first month or two things went OK. But slowly the monsters have returned. And since Wednesday, I've been dealing with a particularly nasty migraine. Tylenol doesn't even touch my migraines. And lately, ibuprofen hasn't been helping much either.

Last night it hurt so bad I was on the verge of tears.

I took four Advil, which for some reason seems to work better than the generic ibuprofen, turned off all the lights in my apartment and put in the movie Cars, which I had originally gotten for my nephew's birthday but it turns out St. Nick is bringing it to him so I now own the movie.

While the Advil kind of knocked the monster out, it was still sort of there when I went to sleep and surprising was gone when I work up this morning. But as the day went on, it started coming back. I've been able to keep it in check most of the day by doping myself up with Advil, but I'm really crossing my fingers that the monster realizes it has overstayed its welcome and decides to leave once and for all tomorrow!

Now, it's time get in my pajamas, dope myself up with some more Advil, turn out all the lights and maybe pop in a DVD in hopes that the monster will go away.

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