Friday, November 17, 2006

In search of pizza

I got home from work today and decided I really didn't want to make dinner, that I'd rather get a pizza. I was thinking this because not only would it provide dinner for me tonight, but I'd probably be able to get lunch for the rest of the weekend as well.

Here's the problem though. I don't have a phone book. The person who lived in this apartment decided to take the phone book with them when they moved.

So I had to attempt to order pizza without a phone book to look at my options. I had a flyer for Glass Nickel Pizza that I found when we ordered pizza on election night in the newsroom. I decided on a cheese pizza and cheese bread. While the pizza was OK (there was a bit too much sauce for my liking), the cheese bread was essentially a cheese pizza without sauce. And I swear there must have been a pound of cheese melted on it!

Overall, the meal was OK, but I'm not sure I'd order from there again, or at least I'd go for regular breadsticks instead of the cheese bread.

But I'd like to explore my options. I know there's a Rocky Rococo's here in the City on the Water, I'm just not sure they deliver.

For now, my mission is to secure myself a phone book. Ordering pizza should be much easier once I've accomplished that task.


Rays profile said...

Well, this IS Wisconsin- you expect cheese.

Badgergirl said...

True. Next time I'm going to limit my cheese products though. Maybe change it up a bit and order regular breadsticks.

Rays profile said...

Found it - it's along U.S. 41 in that big shopping area. And unless the Rocky's newsletter is wrong (I ate at the one in Howard today), they deliver. 235-2626

Way late, of course, but I am trying to help :)