Tuesday, November 21, 2006

But it's Tuesday

I had to run to Target tonight after work to get some Girl Stuff.

After picking up my items, I went to the nearest available cashier. It was this boy, probably in high school. He did a fine job, asked me if I found everything OK, etc. He rang me up and gave me my receipt and told me to "Have a nice weekend."

Ummm. Last time I checked it was Tuesday.

Now, I admit, I have a habit of whining about how I'm ready for the weekend...when it's only Wednesday. But telling a customer to have a good weekend when it's only Tuesday? That's a stretch even by my standards.

Now maybe he was thinking it's a holiday week, Wednesday is technically the last day of the work week for about 99 percent of the world. But, hello! Being in the world of retail, he's part of that 1 percent who most likely has to work Friday!

I dunno. I guess it didn't bother me that he told me to have a good weekend. I just found it odd.

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