Saturday, November 25, 2006

Welcome waters

Most of my life, with the exception of my 365-day stint in the state of Indiana, I've lived near or by a lake. Growing up, I'd spend most weekends out at a relative's house on Lake Winnebago and while a student at UW, I lived on Lake Mendota for a year and spent a lot of my free time at the Memorial Union, on the shores of Lake Mendota.

Now, I find myself living and working just steps away from Lake Winnebago in this City on the Water. It's comforting. While swimming isn't as appealing as it was when I was younger, it's nice to know that I'm just a short drive away from being able to sit down at the lake and let my mind wander. I find the sound of water lapping up against the shore peaceful and relaxing and have discovered that I do a lot of good thinking as I sit and stare out at the water.

While I'm still getting used to calling the City on the Water home, it's nice to know some friendly waters are nearby.

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