Monday, November 20, 2006

And then it hurt

When I lived in Beaverburg, I was such a good girl. I'd go to work and at least 3 times a week I'd head over to the YMCA afterwards to work out. Mostly I ran, but sometimes I biked or used the elliptical machine. I felt good.

I move here, to the City on the Water and even though I have a membership to the YMCA, I've used it once. I went running two weeks ago, was super sore afterwards but still, I felt good. Last week I had a kind of messed up schedule so I didn't make it there.

But I was going to start fresh. Today after work I was going to head over, lace up my sneakers and run. Too bad I wasn't planning on doing something funky to my knee as I was walking down the steps at the courthouse this morning.

I'm not exactly sure what I did. But all of a sudden it hurt and if it hurt to walk, I'm sure it would hurt to run.

But I still held out hope that I'd be able to run on a treadmill to nowhere after work. I spent most of the day at my desk and I thought that would help heal the achiness. Nope. If anything it made it more stiff.

So I didn't go. And it still kind of hurts. I'll use some ice tonight. Or wait, should I use heat? Maybe I'll use both. But either way, I'm going to curl up in some comfy sweats with my book and nurse my poor aching knee back to health because darn it, I WILL run on that treadmill to nowhere tomorrow.

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