Saturday, December 2, 2006

A pick me up

It's kind of amazing what a visit from an old friend will do to your mood.

Work ended on a somewhat bad note for me. I'm stressing out about some stories I'm working on that deadlines are quickly approaching (or in the case of one, has passed). But I got a call from a friend of mine from my days down in the 'burg.

She ended up coming up to the City on the Water. We spent some time catching up, gossiping on what's going on at my former place of employment and chatting. We then headed out for dinner at Rocky Rococo's (and I now have a flyer with a phone number on it!). On the way back from dinner we stopped at a few stores and wandered around.

First stop, Stein Gardens and Gift. Can we say amazing, but over priced, land of fake Christmas trees? We wandered up and down the aisles of Christmas stuff and picked up a few things. She successfully completed her shopping for her work Secret Santa thing, I found the Advent calendars with little chocolate pieces behind the door.

Then it was a pit stop at Target, where I have to admit, I was quite good. I only got the things I really needed, like toilet paper and deodorant. Well, I did have one impulse purchase. They had Goonies on DVD. For $9.50. It's Goonies people, who could resist? I sure couldn't.

By then it was getting late, so she had to head back to the 'burg. I came back home, satisfied with my purchases and also in a better mood. My troubles at work were forgotten and I had just spent an evening with the only thing I really miss about the 'burg.

All in all, it was good night.

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