Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Yup, I can still swim

The good news: I can still swim.

The bad news: Today was the first time I dipped a toe in a pool since early March. Which wouldn't be too bad. Except I've got the High Cliff Sprint Triathlon on June 19. In other words, less than two weeks away.

Yeah, I'd say I might be winging the swim portion of High Cliff a bit. At least I've only got to swim a quarter-mile. And I wish I could say the race snuck up on me. But it didn't. I remember writing on this very blog way back at the end of April that I needed to get back into the pool. But I didn't.

I did today though. Actually planned the trip to the pool out. See we're having kind of cruddy weather this week. And today? All it did was rain. Non-stop. And it was windy. And if you didn't know it was in the upper 50s (what's with the cold temps Mother Nature?), if you looked out the window, it actually kind of looked like it was snowing since the rain was coming down in sheets.

Given the weather forecast, I packed my gym bag. Complete with swimming gear. And after work? I hit the pool. I didn't have any huge plans or set in stone workout in mind. I just wanted to get in the water and make sure I still remembered how to swim. And lucky for me, I remembered.

Did a easy 400 yard warm-up, which included 200 yards with fins. And then I lost the fins and took off on a straight attempt at 400 yards, just to gauge how bad of shape my swimming is and how much I might be resting, floating or (possibly) walking during the High Cliff swim. The verdict? It wasn't awful. I took two short breathers during the 400 probably could have managed to skip them. Granted the swim? Kind of slow. I think about 10 minutes for the 400. Given how much time I've been spending in the pool lately, I'll take it though.

I'm hoping to sneak in two more swims before the triathlon. But swim No. 1 is in the books, and that's always supposed to be the hardest right?


Marlene said...

Good job getting in the pool!!

Not to alarm you... but 10 days to go! ;)

teacherwoman said...

Great job getting in the pool!

Jill said...

Yep, the first is the hardest...you got it down now and you'll do great!