Thursday, June 3, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I've got my Dropkick Murphys CD on constant repeat in my car right now. It replaced a Dave Matthews Band CD that was in the disc player for a few days. But tonight Waterfest, a weekly concert series down at the amphitheater by the river started (and I had to miss week one) and that totally reminded me that next weekend is Oshkosh's version of Irish Fest. Looking forward to listening to some Irish tunes, so I figured the Dropkick Murphys, an Irish-punk rock band, would get me in the mood.

2. Speaking of music, somewhere between a trip to California and running a half marathon I forgot to tell y'all about another event in Badgergirl's summer. I've got tickets to go see Lady Gaga. Now I didn't see the concert listing and go "OMG I NEED to go see Lady Gaga." Actually those were the words out of my Dad's mouth. OK, maybe not "OMG" but he was adamant about needing to go see her. See, my dad (who's 59 years young) LOVES Lady Gaga. And being the good daughter I am, I said I'd drive him down to see her in Milwaukee if he really wanted to go. So Dad bought the tickets (a cousin of mine is also coming along) and I've got driving duties and the following day off. Looks like Badgergirl's becoming one of Lady Gaga's "little monsters" on Sept. 2. Should be an interesting time, but one I'm actually kind of looking forward to.

3. I go into work late Friday. I'm considering squeezing in a run before I head to the office. And while I'd love to do it outside, the weatherman is calling for rain. Which means I might wuss out and head over to the YMCA and the treadmill. Hey, as long as I get in a run I'll be happy.


Marlene said...

SO JEALOUS about your Lada Gaga tix... that will be one amazing show!

Did you manage a run this morning?

J said...

I hope you and your dad enjoy Lady Gaga! That is funny that he wants to go! She really does have some great songs!

Loots said...

Great to visit with you last night!