Saturday, November 22, 2008

Maybe I do want to become a vampire

Remember when I got on a vampire kick last fall?

Well yesterday the vampires came to the big screen. That's right folks. Twilight opened in theaters and last night, my friend from the 'burg Amanda and I went to go see it. We weren't the only ones, since I think every single middle school kid in the city was packed into the theater with us. In fact, I think there maybe was a handful of people in the theater that were older than me.

But it was soo worth it.

I loved the books when I read them. And even though I'm some times hesitant to watch a movie that's based on the book, I was looking forward to this one coming out. I mean seriously, look at this, can you blame me?

And based on the reactions of all the middle school kids waiting in line with us? They were ready to see Edward and Bella too. OK, maybe they were looking forward to seeing Edward. I'm thinking that was the case considering when he made his first appearance on screen? There was a round of applause.

Applause? Five minutes into a movie? Whatever.

Their signs of appreciation didn't stop there. Because that scene, the one where Edward leans in and kisses Bella? Oh my God. Really well done. And accompanied by catcalls, whistles and giggles from the middle schoolers.

Sigh. Kind of ruined the moment.

But the movie. Overall. Really good. There were a few parts that seemed a bit awkward or forced to me, but not many. Watching it made me want to go back and re-read Twilight. Because it has been a while and the book is that good. And now I want to see if they're going to make movies of the other three books in the series.

But Twilight?

Go see it. Now.

And I'd definitly go see it again. Hopefully without the catcalls and giggles from a mostly middle school aged audience though

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Viv said...

Thanks for the review1 I will check it out when kids are supposed to be in school ;-)