Thursday, November 27, 2008

Turkeys were even trotting

Word was there was a giant turkey wandering around the runners and walkers who were preparing for the Turkey Trot.

Either he was a super fast turkey heading out on a 5-mile journey before being served up for Thanksgiving dinner or he was nestled in the back of the pack with those who were pushing strollers and walking their dogs.

Because I didn't see him. Although I did see a few running reindeer. Must be gettin' in shape for next month's marathon of a sleigh ride.

I hung out in the middle of the pack for the 2-miler folks. Just running, albeit at a very slow pace. But I ran every step of that 2 miles. Keeping my eye on a mom and her daughter who were just in front of me. I didn't let them get too far ahead. The 2-mile event wasn't timed, but based on the clock at the finish line and doing some mental math, subtracting a estimate of how much time lapsed between the 5 mile start and my 2 mile start, I'd guess I finished the trot in about 23 minutes or so. Not the best, but not awful. I'll take it, especially since my legs felt like ice cubes for about half of the run and I think I momentarily lost feeling in my toes before the starting horn went off. That might have been due to the fact that it was a balmy 19 degrees or so when the run started!

Now the trot is done. Time to eat some turkey and watch some football!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


teacherwoman said...

Nice job on the Turkey Trot! I hope you had a wonderful turkey-day!

Viv said...

Way to get in a trot before Thanksgivng! I hope you had a great one!