Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Let's talk about clothing for a minute

So let's take a moment and talk about clothes for a bit.

My feet? They're happy right now. While I really do like the pair of black boots I normally wear to work, I bought a new pair of shoes this weekend. Work appropriate shoes. A pair of black Mary Jane-like shoes that have just a bit of a heel. And they are SO COMFY! I wish I owned five pairs of black dress socks, because then I could wear them every day.

Because honestly, which pair looks more comfortable to you?

Time for a weather update. It's cold outside. I know, it's mid-November. It shouldn't surprise me that the mercury in the thermometer is struggling to get above 35 degrees.

But when it gets cold in my office and I start to lose feeling in my hands? Then I get a bit worried. And so do my co-workers. Because they look over and see me wearing these and even though they're pretty sure they know the answer they ask me, "Um, you aren't expecting to type with those on, are you?"

And since it's cold outside and I've got the Santa Scamper and Turkey Trot coming up, I need to make sure I have appropriate clothing so I don't become an icicle. This past weekend I went to the Nike Outlet here in the City on the Water and bought myself some running pants and a long sleeve shirt. Add a few more layers, some kind of gloves and some head gear and I should be set.

And while I'm sitting in the office, I do have my scarf on but I've still got feeling in my hands. My mittens are sitting on my desk though, ready in case I need them.


Deloris said...

Do we work at the same place? My building is always cold. They claim the heat is on. But I don't think it is. This morning I was wearing my scarf and coat to keep warm. I'm sure for the rest of the winter I will be doing that.

teacherwoman said...

Mittens at work? Wow. I know it has been chilly in my classroom lately, but I never thought of that. I think the kids would think I have completely lost it.