Monday, October 13, 2008

A treadmill to nowhere, with a distraction!

I kept my promise. I made it to the YMCA after work today.

Since I got out of work so much earlier than normal, it was kind of weird. There were like three people there. I had my pick of which treadmill I wanted. At first I was just going to choose a random treadmill, but then I was confused. The row of treadmills? Half were missing. Replaced by more ellipticals and stair masters. I was confused. I didn't want to climb stairs to nowhere. I'd rather run to nowhere. But then I glanced around the rest of the cardio room. There were the missing treadmills, in the next row.

Complete with TVs.

Yes, hop on a treadmill in the middle row and you could tune into whatever channel you felt like watching. And the TV wasn't hung on the wall, where I can hardly read the closed captioning and only have 5 channels to choose from. No. This TV was there. Right in front of your face. Inches away. So close you could actually read the scrolling sports scores that ESPN runs across the bottom.

Obviously I chose a treadmill in the middle row. I hopped on, tuned the TV to ESPN, plugged myself into my iPod and I was off. Very slowly. But I was running. I spent 30 minutes on that fancy new treadmill and I logged a run of 2 miles and sprinkled in a half mile of walking. All the while I was listening to my tunes and watching NFL highlights. After I was done, I headed over to one of two bikes at the YMCA that were also rigged up with the TV. Same thing. Some tunes, some NFL highlights and even a bit of the 4 o'clock news to help me pass the 7 miles I biked in a half hour.

So. I made it to the YMCA and I ran. And I biked. And I didn't die. I actually feel pretty good at the moment. Let's hope tomorrow is a repeat of today.

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teacherwoman said...

We had some of those treadmills at the Wellness center on campus. I miss those treadmills. I loved that I was not only able to watch PTI on ESPN... but it sure made the guys do a double glance... not so much at me, but in regards to what I was watching! LOL.

Nice job with the workout!