Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I tried something new today

That, my friends, was hard.

I was planning on hitting the YMCA after work and heading upstairs to spend a little bit of quality time with those sweet treadmills again today. But when I walked in the locker room, I nearly ran into a couple of co-workers.

"We're going spinning. Come with us!"

Umm, I was planning on running to nowhere. Although I admit, the idea of spinning has always appealed to me. I've just been too scared to try it. Especially alone.

But here were three girls I knew, granted not all that well, and they were inviting me to come along with them. Suddenly it didn't seem so intimidating.

"Sure, give me 2.2 minutes to change."

So I threw on my gym clothes and headed down the hall to me them. We set up our bikes and started spinning. And I'm not going to lie. Parts of it? Tough. No, actually that's not a good word. Brutal. That's better. Seriously. Standing up, with a ton of resistance, going up the mountain? So hard. My legs felt like they were going to die. I had sweat dripping off my forehead. And not just a drop or two. I'm talking a steady stream. Very gross. But also kind of cool. Because it made me realize how hard I was working.

And then the hour was up. I felt good about what I'd accomplished, yet I was ready for it to be over. I'm not sure how much more my legs could take.

Walking back to the locker room, the girls asked me if I'd want to join them again. I said yes. I'm thinking if I could add one spinning session a week to my workouts it would be kind of cool. And it'll payoff at some point down the road.

I just hope my legs don't hurt too bad tomorrow morning. Because those four flights of stairs I have to walk up to get to my desk? Those could be painful.


teacherwoman said...

Ohhh I love spin!! :) Glad to hear you enjoyed it! And if those 4 flights of stairs are painful tomorrow... it will be soooo worth it! Right?!

Badgergirl said...

Yes. Yes. The stairs were painful. But so worth it.