Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mark it on your calendars

Mark it on your calendars.

Two days. In a row. As in, Tuesday then Wednesday.

I haven't done that since May. That's a long time. And that's why I'm marking it on the calendar. It's a momentous day. Why?

I ran. Two days in a row. Granted it was just a two-mile run yesterday and today. But still, this is the girl who has run maybe three times in the past two months. It's a big day for me people.

So I did it. And I'm hoping to add day number three tomorrow. Because not only have I found some motivation, I also have something to run towards.

I've decided to run in a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving morning. I have my choice between a 5-mile run/walk and a 2-mile walk. And since I've just recently discovered this will to run again, I'm going to opt for the 2-mile walk. But I'm going to run. And if they race people get mad at me, oh well. An added bonus? Besides getting up early on Thanksgiving morning and running before sitting down to a Thanksgiving meal? Participants apparently get a free pie along with the shirt. Sign me up.

Once I get done Turkey Trotting, there just might be a 5K on the horizon. But I haven't decided yet.

For now though, it's a Turkey Trot and I'm aiming for day number three.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome. Keep up the good progress. Can't wait to see you for the hockey game.